Way back in the early 1980's Hunting videos were brand new to the scene.  At the time very few, if any, whitetail bowhunting harvests were recorded on film.  Today literally thousandbowdvd1s of hunts have been recorded.   When you realize just when these productions were filmed, you can understand why everyone is in agreement October Whitetails I & II were way ahead of their time. The videos were meant to be both educational and entertaining.

Most of the content is now common knowledge.  But the facts remain these two films formed the foundations to which all future hunting productions were compared.  We've been told they might be the most popular hunting productions of all time. The reason they retained their popularity was because they were real.  All footage was filmed in the wild, for free-ranging whitetails, on farms where anyone could hunt.  The shots were real and the misses were real.  It gave regular guys something they could relate to.  But most of all, it showed bowhunting as being fun.

The original VHS formats sold for $39.95 each.  Now they are both available on one DVD in their original forms for $13.00.  One of the few things in life that has become better,  yet less expensive. Genuine pioneer whitetail productions of videography.  Every whitetail hunter owes it to himself to have these classics in his collection. An original "reality show."



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The 1980's productions of Bowhunting October Whitetails I & II were followed by the release of another all-time favorite classic called Highnoon Bucks, featuring Barry Wensel.  It is also available on DVD paired with an old production featuring Paul Brunner and Roger Rea entitled Street Smart Bucks. The new DVD format runs for 149 minutes and is offered for those who wish to add these hard-to-get videos to their classic collections for just $13.

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