Ramblin' Rednecks Resurrected

About twenty years ago, the Wensel brothers developed somewhat of a cult following when they wrote a regular magazine column entitled Ramblin' Rednecks. It made very popular reading for many years until a few bleeding heart liberals apparently got their feelings hurt. They moaned or complaining enough that we finally abandoned sharing these redneck philosophies and stories. Now, back by popular demand, we are resurrecting some of our retired Ramblin' Rednecks pieces for your reading enjoyment. We'll try to keep a PG-13 rating on these things. Watch for new regular editions on the website. Enjoy....and remember....laughter is the best medicine.



Ramblin’ Rednecks Resurrected

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“Rules of Life”

“Eddie’s Redhots”

“Vegetable Rights”


“Cooking is Foreplay”

“Things You’ll Never Hear a Redneck Say”

“Stupid Sports