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Chasing Solitude: Passions of a Solo Moose Hunter

During ancient times, man was challenged with going afield to procure meat for the family through hunting of great beasts. The Alaskan bull-moose is the largest ungulate in North America, and except for brief periods during the mating season, lives a solitary life. They won’t easily relinquish their life giving flesh. 

Mike Mitten is a solo bowhunter who chooses to go off the grid in search of prey. Watch as this perfect pairing of predator and prey unfolds amongst Alaskan’s great vistas, breath taking fall foliage, sparkling streams, and the harshness of remote wilderness. Travel to three mountain ranges to find quarry, internal resolve, spiritual peace, and to be tested while chasing solitude.

Sneak Peek - Chasing Solitude

Coming soon from Herd Bull Productions.